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How To Order

As medi-link.com.sg is a B2B (Business-to-Business) website, prices are not listed in the website.

Ordering process is as follows:
1. customer requests for quotation
2. quotation will be send to customer
3. customer confirms order
4. delivery fulfilled


How to Request for Quotation

  • Items can be added to a order list while browsing our online product catalogue. After locating the item in the online product catalogue and specifying the quantity which should be required, click “Add to Order List”
  • Your basket will be displayed in the left hand column of the page. You can click “View Order List” to amend or view what is in your basket at any time.
  • Add the items that you require into your order list. You can edit these at any time, save for later or submit a Request for Quotation immediately.

If you wish to save the contents of your order list, or submit a Request for Quotation, you must either login to your medi-link.com.sg account, or register for an Account with us. Please make sure to do this before leaving the website or your order list contents will be lost.


How to set up an account

Only a few simple details are required to set up an account. When you activate your new account, you will find your order list listed as a NEW Request for Quotation.


Confirming a quotation

The customer can confirm the quotation either by confirming through the website or by emailing us. We also accept orders via faxes.

Info required for creating a new account:
1. Company Name*
2. Contact Person*
3. Contact Number*
4. Fax Number
5. Email Address*
6. Address
7. Country*